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Graphite Electrodes Manufacturing (Production) Process

Graphite Electrodes Manufacturing (Production) Process. Full Video.

1. Raw materials (100% imported needle coke, coal tar pitch).
a) Crushing.
b) Calcining (Calcination).
c) Pulverizing, Weighting, Screening and Dosing (Classify the screened coke according to gain size and store them in individual silos).
d) Mixing (Knead the mixed coke and binder pitch into kneader).
2. Forming (The kneaded material is formed into green electrode by extrusion press through various press nozzles and by the extrusion press and cut into specified lengths).
a) Water-cooling
3. Baking
4. Impregnation
5. Rebaking
6. Graphitizing
7. Machining
8. Inspection
9. Packing
10. Shipping

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