One of the largest engineering and construction company in China. | Graphite & Carbon |

One of the largest engineering and construction company in China.

CM PEACE(DALIAN) LIMITED Corporation is the largest engineering and construction company. When implementing metallurgical projects, the company performs the following functions: – feasibility study (feasibility study) of the project; – providing a wide range of preparatory work; – design and design of metallurgical enterprises; – design of mines and quarries; – selection, delivery and installation of the necessary equipment and supporting systems; – provision of commissioning works; – financing of the project; – full project management; – environmental protection.

Turnkey factories from China.

Metallurgical equipment:

Crushers, ball mills, (crushing equipment for mining, chemical and oil and gas industries),

sintering shop,

blast furnaces (BF),

submerged arc furnaces (SAF)

electric arc steel furnaces (EAF),

ladles furnaces (LF),

converter furnaces (BOF), continuous casting machines (CCM),

rolling mills.

Engineering services: Metallurgical complexes.

Many ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy projects have been implemented around the world, projects to develop large deposits of non-ferrous metals.

Our clients: mining and processing, – metallurgical, – mining, mining and oil refineries.

Products: sulfuric acid, copper, nickel, lead, gold, silver, zinc, iron ore, coal, anthracite, mercury, …

Metallurgical equipment: Blast Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Furnace, Converter, Continuous Casting Machine and its Equipment, Rolling Mill.

Engineering and Technology: Metallurgical Complex Projects, Iron and Steel.