February, 2021 | Graphite & Carbon | graphitecarbon.ru

Doncarb graphite launched a new product for power generation

Chelyabinsk, February 10, 2021. “Doncarb Graphite”, a member of the EPM Group, has released an unique product for the Russian market: graphite elements for slip rings of turbine units. Graphitic elements that discharge static electricity were successfully tested, showing a high resistance to wear. A number of customers are already certifying new products that increase the service life of bearings …

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Happy 牛 Year!!! С Китайским Новым Годом!

Graphite & Carbon 祝大家2021年牛年大吉、身体健康、心想事成、财源滚滚! Happy 牛 Year!!! С Китайским Новым Годом! 国际石墨碳素平台 | Graphite & Carbon  石油焦,沥青,针状焦,石墨电极,炭电极,电极糊,增碳剂,石磨碎,石墨粉。 市场咨询,分析,新闻,展览会,会议,论坛. 国际石墨电极招标. Graphite & Carbon (G & C)  Informational educational analytical business portal for graphite, carbon, steelmaking, aluminium, ferroalloy, chemical, silicon industries. Graphite Electrodes, Carbon Electrodes, Petroleum coke, coal tar pitch, Needle coke, electrode paste, carburizer, graphite scrap, carbon materials. Графит и Карбон | …

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