The meeting with a representative of the "G & C" company at the exhibition "Metal-Expo" 2019 | Graphite & Carbon |

The meeting with a representative of the “G & C” company at the exhibition “Metal-Expo” 2019

From 12 to 15 November 2019, a representative of our company will attend the exhibition “Metal-Expo”, if you are interested in cooperation, you can contact us and make an appointment at a convenient time for you.
We are engaged in the supplying of graphite and carbon electrodes of different diameters for the Metallurgical and Ferroalloy industry; in our database we have more than 50 proven manufacturers. You can get acquainted with the full list of products with which we work here.
To prepare a commercial offer, it is necessary to obtain the characteristics of the furnace.
At your request, we can audit the company, check its current financial situation, on what raw materials and equipment it works, assess the real capacity and workload of production.
In addition, we can organize a trip to any company that interests you, during the trip we will tell you about the situation on the market of carbon graphite products over the past 5 years, familiarize you with the production technology, tell you about different raw materials for the production of graphite electrodes.
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If you have any other suggestions for cooperation, we will be happy to consider them.

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