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Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant JSC (RMCIP)

Brief historical note
Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant JSC (RMCIP) was established in September, 19, 1963 for the output of the capital and special-purpose products. Currently, it is the only factory in Russia and CIS-countries, producing sealed magnetically operated contacts (reed switches). Production facilities of RMCIP are meant for the fabrication of 200 mln. pcs. reed switches per year. Reed switches are widely applied in the national economy and enginery including:

Space engineering (astronaut’s survival systems and control boards);
Aeronautical engineering (limit switches);
Telephone equipment (automotized communication systems and phone sets);
Computer engineering (key boards of electronic devices);
Automotive engineering (control system sensors);
Burglar alarm, and
Currently, the factory produces over 30 types of reed switches including high voltage, and reed switches of higher switching power, besides the production of miniature reed switches having a tube dimensions of less than 10 mm was launched.

RMCIP-made reed switch production is characterized as:

High-technology; and
High-degree automation
Besides the factory produces the following products:

Alarm sensors;
Automobile sensors of oil and liquid level control;
Photovoltaic solar modules;
The factory constantly participates in exhibitions and fairs of federal and international levels.

Quality management system certified by ISO 9001 has been applicable by RMCIP JSC since 2002.

The certification scope covers engineering, development and production of sealed magnetically operated contacts (reed switches) and related products as well as solar PV modules.

Source: Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant JSC (RMCIP)

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