Metal Expo Istanbul 2020 (30 September-03 October) | Graphite & Carbon |

Metal Expo Istanbul 2020 (30 September-03 October)

Metal Expo Istanbul 2020 (30 September-03 October)

Since MetalExpo Eurasia Istanbul 2020 is a trade show has set the agenda of Turkish manufacturing industries and iron & steel industries for four days. This trade show is a giant market maker organization that sheds light on the future with the conferences and seminars and the activities in the content of the organization. … İstanbul Expo Center has the largest exhibition area is made an average of 100 trade fairs every year. Thousands of exhibiting companies meet numerous visitors from new markets. Participating companies finding opportunities through the fairs organized in IFM.International fairs, which are considered as one of the biggest fairs in the world and attract thousands of visitors from Turkey and abroad every year, are organized in IFM.

Date: 30th September 2020

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey


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