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Indian Customs Import Duty on Graphite Electrodes

01/17/2020 The basic duty on the import of graphite electrodes to India HS code 85451100 is 7.5%, except for electrodes imported from Malaysia, for which the rate is 0%.

India has two main electrode manufacturers: Graphite India Limited and HEG Ltd.
Graphite India has a total production capacity of 80 thousand tonnes per year in India and its German subsidiary, Graphite COVA, can produce 18 thousand tonnes per year. HEG can also produce 80 thousand tonnes, of which 66 thousand tonnes are ultra-high power (UHP) graphite electrodes.

India’s crude steel production capacity is around 106,5 million tonnes in 2019.

EAF production capacity at Indian steelmakers totaled 36 million tonnes or 29% of total steelmaking capacity.

Source: Graphite & Carbon News

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