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El 6 launches a project to develop production system

Novosibirsk, August 2, 2022: El 6 launched a project to develop the Production System at electrode plants in the regions of operation.

The production system development project aims to increase productivity by 5-20%, cut costs by 1-3% of the total annual budget, and enhance the production culture at the company’s enterprises by the end of 2025.

The primary objective of this direction is to improve productivity and production efficiency and increase the level of personnel engagement in development processes.

As part of the program, the enterprises’ business processes will be analyzed at production sites, elements of lean manufacturing will be introduced, and a Lean System deployment and introduction methodology will be developed and described.

The Novosibirsk El 6 Branch will become a pilot site for the Production System development.


El 6 (formerly EPM Group) is a leading Russian carbon and graphite manufacturer specializing in high-tech electrode, cathode, and other carbon and graphite products for steel, aluminum, ferroalloy, silicon, chemical, and machine-building industries. The company operates through its three production sites: El 6 Novosibirsk, El 6 Novocherkassk, and El 6 Chelyabinsk.

Lean production (Lean manufacturing) is a concept of managing a manufacturing enterprise based on the ongoing quest to eliminate all types of waste, which involves engagement of each employee in the business optimization process and maximum customer orientation.

Source: El 6