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Doncarb graphite launched a new product for power generation

Chelyabinsk, February 10, 2021. “Doncarb Graphite”, a member of the EPM Group, has released an unique product for the Russian market: graphite elements for slip rings of turbine units.

Graphitic elements that discharge static electricity were successfully tested, showing a high resistance to wear.

A number of customers are already certifying new products that increase the service life of bearings in turbine units.

Negotiations are underway for the supply of slip rings elements to the largest Russian companies operating in the electric power industry.

 “At present, foreign manufacturers have stopped supplying components for slip rings, as a result there is a shortage of elements for the discharge of static electricity in the Russian market. Domestic companies asked us and we found an opportunity to produce a high-quality product,” explained Sergei Sotnikov, managing director of Doncarb Graphite LLC.

Previously, such products have not been produced in Russia.


EPM Group — is the leading Russian company specializing in the production of carbon and graphite products. The main business area is the production of high-tech electrode, cathode, and other carbon and graphite products for enterprises of the steel, aluminum, ferroalloy, silicon, chemical, and machine-building industries. The geography of deliveries is more than 60 countries. The EPM Group includes two major electrode plants: Novosibirsk and Novocherkassk plants, as well as Doncarb Graphite LLC (production sites in Novocherkassk and Chelyabinsk).

Doncarb Graphite LLC (a member of the EPM Group) — is the leading manufacturer of carbon-graphite structural materials and shaped products with special properties in the Russian Federation and CIS. The company manufactures products from pyrolytic, isostatic and siliconized graphite, anticorrosion graphite-plastic heat-conducting material (ATM) and products from carbon-carbon composite. These are graphite electrodes (diameter from 75 to 200 mm), coke plates, trolleybus and locomotive contact strips, cathodic protection elements for pipeline equipment, acid-proof tiles, special chemical equipment and graphite heat-exchange equipment.

Source: EPM Group