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16th International forum Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals 2020

16th International forum Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals 2020
Moscow International Recycling Expo
(23)-24–25 March 2020
Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow (Congress Park), Moscow

The international forum “Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap metals” has been held in Moscow for 16 years. During this time, the event became a market legend and an expected industry event combining serious work and a celebration of communication.

The first scrap forum in Moscow brought together about 200 participants at the MIR hotel on March 30-31, 2004. Then it was interesting to look at the parked colorful SUVs that came from different parts of Russia. The market was reborn before our eyes – many began to perceive themselves as a single industry community. There was something in the participants that was different from everyone else – this is the spirit of freedom, the spirit of freemen. Someone says that the scrap market is “conceptual.” It is impossible to survive in the scrap market without freemen, it is impossible without fulfilling the agreements. Despite the fact that contracts with a sharp change in prices massively went to the basket, those who knew how to keep their word remained in the market from old-timers. Let the feeling of unity at first was still uncertain, the main thing is that it appeared just then, 16 years ago.

Despite the fact that everyone knew each other, hunger was felt in communication, therefore there was a constant buzz in the corridors – these are the participants in the conference who talked to each other. In the following years, everyone was already accustomed to two parallel conferences. The first is reports and speeches, the second is business negotiations and just meetings of old friends. Gradually, the number of delegates grew, the geography of countries expanded, and the format of the event changed.

What is the difference between this exhibition and others?

First of all, the composition of the participants and the level of the business program. This is only the target audience, only exclusive offers and the world’s leading market experts. You can spend months and years to visit all market leaders, forging partnerships and promoting a business. Or once a year to visit our exhibition. Agree, not every day you can go to the head of the procurement department of a metallurgical holding or even a large scrap company, or get direct access to a Japanese company with a turnover of tens of billions of dollars. On average, one delegate holds 50 meetings and gives out 80-200 business cards in 2-3 days of the event.

Secondly, we “squeeze” the maximum out of the network format. No more compromises between attending sessions and working at the booth. We create for you a unique exhibition space – open space, in which the business program is integrated. Exhibitors and delegates can be listeners of reports without leaving their booth, always be in the thick of things and not miss an interesting presentation.

And of course, no one has canceled status and prestige. It is especially nice to make an appointment at your stand if it is located on the site of the best European congress hotel Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow 5 *, which is a legend of luxury service.

Program of the exhibition MIR-Expo, March 24-25, 2020

  • XVI annual forum “Scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals”,
  • 5th Eurasian Congress “Solutions for WEEE” (electronic scrap and waste)
  • 2nd Eurasian Congress “Solutions for CAPS” (utilization of vehicles and equipment)
  • Award “The best in the scrap market”
  • Coaching sessions from renowned business trainers
  • Lectures from experts of the Ministry of Finance, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Tariff Service and other authorities
  • Press conferences with leading media

We are traditionally supported by partners and co-organizers from Switzerland, Smart Resources, who enrich the program with knowledge of the latest technologies and introduce international best practices in the field of recycling. We look forward to meeting you!

More information: MIR-EXPO is an international forum and exhibition on re-creation