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Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development
& Renovation, known as IMIDRO, is a major
state-owned holding company active in the mining
sector in Iran. IMIDRO has 8 major companies and
55 operational subsidiaries active in steel, aluminium,
copper, cement and mineral exploitation fields.
Mobarakeh Steel CompanyMobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) is an Iranian steel
company, located 65 km south-west of Esfahan, near
the city of Mobarakeh, Esfahan Province, Iran. It is the
largest steelmaker of MENA (the Middle East & Northern
Africa) region, and one of the largest industrial
complexes operating in Iran. It was commissioned
after the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and initiated
operations during 1993. It underwent major revamping
during the year 2000 and is scheduled for a second and
third revamping in 2009–2010, bringing the total steel
output to 7,200,000 metric tons per year.