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Цзесю Чжияо Карбон. Jiexiu Zhiyao Carbon Co., Ltd.

Цзесю Чжияо Карбон. Jiexiu Zhiyao Carbon Co., Ltd. is located in the circular economy industrial park of chemical industry in Jiexiu Economic and Technological Development Zone of Shanxi Province (coking, iron and steel, clean coal, chemical industry, electricity, carbon and other leading industries have been formed in the zone, and the advantages of developing circular economy are prominent). The company was established in April 2003, covering an area of more than 150,000 square meters and employing more than 500 people. It is a regular member of China Carbon Industry Association. The company’s annual output of 60,000 tons of ultra-high power graphite electrode project is a highly efficient and low-pollution circular economy industry project advocated by the national supply side reform. At present, it has a carbon production line with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons of graphite electrode. Its main business is to produce and sell ordinary power, high power and ultra-high power graphite electrode of 300 mm-700 mm, especially for carbon productionline. 700mm and above super high power graphite electrode is the leading product; the product is made of needle coke as raw material, coal tar as binder, and refined by scientific formula. The product is used as the conductor of heating and melting burden in arc furnace by releasing electric energy in the form of electric arc. It has the characteristics of high flexural strength, good oxidation resistance, good conductivity and low consumption. The products are exported to more than 20 provinces and cities in China and exported to Southeast Asian countries and regions such as the United States, Western Europe, Russia, Africa, Japan, Vietnam and India. 

The company has eight departments and one room including production department, technology department, quality inspection department, finance department, supply department, sales department, equipment maintenance department, safety and environment department and comprehensive office. Nine workshops (19 production sections) are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Production, namely: calcination workshop, forming workshop, roasting workshop, impregnation workshop, tunnel kiln workshop, graphitization workshop, machining workshop, packaging workshop and power workshop; each department has a clear division of labor, coordinated cooperation, sound incentive and restraint mechanism, forming a rigorous organizational structure and a scientific internal management system. 

The company has been awarded “Shanxi Quality Credit A Enterprise” by Shanxi Quality Supervision Bureau for many years. It has been awarded “AAA Credit Enterprise” by ICBC and BOC for many years. Jinzhong City is “Advanced Enterprise in Safety Production”, “Advanced Tax Enterprise” in Jiexiu City and “Transforming over Advanced Units”. Mr. Zhao Yaozhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has been the Vice President of Jiexiu City Federation of Industry and Commerce since 2011. He was elected president of Jiexiu Carbon Industry Association in 13 years and President of Jiexiu New Social Class Association in August 2018. The reputation and popularity of enterprises have been improved day by day. 

The company always regards scientific and technological innovation as an important grasp of development and growth. It has set up its own R&D center with 3 senior engineers, 8 engineers and 40 junior technicians. The center is committed to research and development of production technology and new products. Since its establishment, it has broken through many technical barriers and obtained a number of utility model patents and national invention patents. 

While devoting ourselves to technological research and development, the company strictly enforces the new national industry standards (YB/T 4088-2015, YB/T 4089-2015, YB/T-090-2015), and continuously carries out quality training for all staff to familiarize themselves with the industry standards and apply them to production practice, and then implements the whole process quality control. The company will “operate in good faith, pursue quality excellence, develop harmoniously and display the essence of the enterprise”. “For the quality policy, Seiko manufactures high-quality products and keeps track of high-quality services. In September 2016, it passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, and its market share has been continuously increasing.