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Янфань карбон. Yangfan Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd

Янфань Карбон. Yangfan Carbon  Technology Co., Ltd is located at Houtan Village, Tanzhen Town, Lingshi County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, which was registered and established in July, 2017. The business scope mainly includes production and sales of large-sized ultra high power graphite electrode, import and export of needle coke and graphite electrode.

The floor area of the whole-process 600mm-800mm large-sized ultra high power graphite electrode project invested and constructed by the company is around 500mu; the total investment of Phase I is 2 billion yuan, including the fixed assets of around 1 billion yuan. The annual output of large-sized ultra high power graphite electrode is 60,000 tons. After normal production in Phase II, another one billion yuan will be invested. Therefore, the total investment will reach around 3 billion yuan and the annual output 120,000 tons.

The company sticks to the corporate tenet that “service creates value and cooperation wins the future”. While carrying out business, it sticks to the core values of “doing the pure and dedicated things with benevolence and philanthropism, and reaching joint development”, and the attitudes of being responsible for employees, the company, clients and the society. It pursues benefaction and excellence, and tries to become a famous enterprise with first-rate management, first-rate size, first-rate quality, first-rate benefit and first-rate image.