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ASIL CELIKAsil Çelik has participated in the industry as a private
company with 150.000 ton/year crude steel capacity
and then was transferred to the government in 1982.
Until the year 2000, Asil Çelik was a subsidiary of MKEK.
96.75% of its total shares have been sold to
Yazıcı-Güriş-Parsan Consortium on 29/08/2000.

The capacity, which was 150.000 ton/year in the
beginning, has been increased to 260.000 ton/year
crude steel and 235.000 ton/year end-product as a
result of new investments and improvements.

After the privatization in year 2000, the crude steel
capacity has reached to 550.000 ton/year, end-product
capacity has reached to 450.000 ton/year at the end
of 2017 with the new investments.
BASTUGBaştuğ Metallurgy is the pride investment of Baştuğ
family, which has been providing service in the iron
and steel sector for over forty years. Founded with the
union of Yolbulan and Baştuğ in 2008, the corporation
continues its sectorial life as Baştuğ Metallurgy thanks
to the agreement reached in the second half of 2016.