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China Baowu Steel Group Corp., Ltd.
China Baowu Steel Group Corp., Ltd., commonly
known as Baowu, is a state-owned iron and steel
company headquartered in the Baosteel Tower
in Pudong, Shanghai, China. The company was
formed by Baosteel absorbing its smaller state-owned
peer, Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation in 2016.
Hesteel Group
Hesteel Group Company Limited is a Chinese iron
and steel manufacturing conglomerate, also known
as Hesteel Group or Hegang. The company was
also known as Hebei Iron and Steel
Group Co., Ltd. or HBIS until 2016.
Jiangsu Shagang Group Company Limited
Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation
Ansteel Group
Ansteel Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter
referred to as Ansteel) is originated from Anshan
Iron and Steel Group Corporation which merged
Pangang group Co., Ltd.
Shougang Group
Shougang Group Co., Ltd., also known as Capital
Steel, is a Chinese state-owned steel company.
Based in Beijing, its operations have been moved
out of the city prior to the Olympics due to
concerns over pollution.
Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co Ltd
Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co Ltd, commonly
known as Shandong Steel, is a Chinese steel
company based in Jinan. 2015 it was ranked as
12th biggest steel producer of the world with a
production of 21.7 millions tonnes of steel. In 2009,
it took a 67% stake in Rizhao Iron and Steel. SISG
is controlled by the provincial government of Shandong.
Maanshan Iron and Steel Company Limited
Maanshan Iron and Steel Company Limited, known
as Maanshan Iron and Steel or just Masteel
(in Chinese Magang) is a Chinese listed company
which engaged in steel manufacturing. The company
was based in Ma'anshan, Anhui province. Since
its establishment in 1993, it was controlled by the
Chinese government. However, the indirect parent
company was changed to central government-owned
China Baowu Steel Group in June 2019, after the
Group acquired 51% stake of Masteel Group, the
direct parent company of the listed company from
the Anhui provincial government.
Jianlong Steel
Jianlong Steel is the largest private-owned enterprise
in Tangshan, Hebei province with the output of
crude steel 6.5 million tonnes in a year.
Tangshan Jianlong Steel is a subsidiary of the large
domestic private enterprise Beijing Jianlong Group.
Hunan Valin Steel
Hunan Valin Steel Co., Ltd. (SZSE: 000932) is a Chinese
state-owned company based in Changsha. Founded in
1997, it is based in Hunan and is primarily engaged in
the smelting, manufacture and sale of iron and steel
products, as well as nonferrous metal products.
Benxi Steel Group
Benxi Steel Group Corp., Ltd. known as Benxi Steel
Group (or Bengang in China) is a Chinese holding
company based in Benxi, Liaoning Province, for two
steel making group.
The company was formed in 2010 as the holding
company for Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.
and Beitai Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. , the latter
now known as Benxi Beiying Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.
Rizhao Steel
Rizhao Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as
Rizhao Steel) is a large-scale steel enterprise,
integrating sintering, iron making, steel making,
rolling, pickling, coating, pipe making, power generation,
oxygen production and cement production.
The company has started operating in 2003, and
until 2018 production has reached an annual
output of 15 million tons of steel.
Fangda Special Steel Technology Co., Ltd.
Baotou Iron and Steel Group, Baotou Steel or
Baogang Group
Baotou Iron and Steel Group, Baotou Steel or Baogang
Group is an iron and steel state-owned enterprise in
Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China. It was reorganized in
1998 from Baotou Iron and Steel Companyestablished
in 1954. It is the largest steel enterprise in Inner
Mongolia. It has a large production base of iron and
steel and the largest scientific research and production
base of rare earths in China.
Jingye Group
Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group
Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. formerly Taiyuan
Iron & Steel Corporation (TISCO), also known as Taigang
Group is a Chinese steel maker based in Taiyuan,
Shanxi Province. The company was the parent of Linfen
Iron and Steel and Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
Handan Zongheng Iron and Steel
Handan Iron and Steel Group or Hansteel is a state-owned
iron and steel enterprise engaging in the manufacturing,
processing and sales of black metal, billet, steel rolling,
carbamide, sintering mineral, metallurgical machinery
parts and coke. It was established in 1958 and it is
headquartered in Handan, Hebei, China.
In 2008, Hansteel merged with Tangsteel Group of Tangshan,
Hebei, to become Hebei Iron and Steel Group, which is
the fifth-largest steel producer in the world. Their listed
subsidiaries were also merged to form Hebei
Iron and Steel Company.