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ThyssenKrupp AG /ˈtɪsɛn.krʊp/ is a German multinational
conglomerate with a focus on industrial
engineering and steel production.
Salzgitter AG
Salzgitter AG is a German company, one of the largest
steel producers in Europe with an annual output of around
seven million tonnes.
Riva Group
Riva Stahl GmbH, one of the leading German steel groups, has
own steelworks in Germany since the beginning of the Nineties.
With a 20 % stake in electric steel production, it is number one
in Germany in this sector. Currently about 1500 employees
are working at the three production sites of the Riva Stahl Group:
two are located in the federal state of Brandenburg
(B.E.S. Brandenburger Elektrostahlwerke and H.E.S. Hennigsdorfer
Elektrostahlwerke), and one in the federal state of Hessen
(Betonstahl Lampertheim). In 2015 the yearly production
of steel amounted to about 2,3 million tons, which equals
to more than 5% of the total steel production in Germany.